We believe in the majesty of language

Every organization strives to serve its customers, improve their experience, and earn their loyalty — often under extraordinary time and resource pressures. Yet the technology enlisted to help in these tasks ignores a crucial aspect of decision-making: how customers feel
It has been an elusive dream to understand customers' emotions. Emotion defines experience, drives decision-making, and determines what we do next. The little success there has been in measuring it has come through the good fortune of rare talent or an army of expensive consultants. 
However, the data to answer these questions exists all around us: language data. Our choice of words is the most potent signal we have to translate our real thoughts and feelings inside to the world outside. Understanding the real meaning behind the unique way each of us communicates, which requires the crucial ability to "read between the lines," is the key to recognizing our real emotions and intentions, long before we act on them (and when there's still time to change things for the better!). The critical signals in this data have been muddled and buried, inaccessible to the decision-makers that need them.
Motive Software offers a new way forward. We believe the most powerful way to help organizations make better decisions is through recognizing, respecting, and reacting to how people feel. Through our deep expertise in unlocking emotion insights to address unsolved business problems and profound advancements in underlying natural language processing (NLP) technologies, we can now offer this superpower to organizations anywhere experience matters.
Motive's leadership team is proud of individually dedicating their academic and professional careers to building breakthrough products that respect emotion, ensuring every individual's perspective receives the audience they deserve and the understanding we all crave. 
Our founders are distinguished alumni of Stanford University's Computational Linguistics and Computer Science programs and seasoned entrepreneurs with a track record of building successful SaaS products that elevate emotion and human insight. 
We are humble enough to recognize that we are still at the beginning of a long and challenging path, while passionate, experienced, and relentless enough to see it through. We are excited to invite you to join us on this essential journey.
Meet the Leadership Team
Moritz Sudhof
Co-Founder, CEO
Erik Darby
Co-Founder, Business
Armen Berjikly
Co-Founder, Product
Neil Sheth
Co-Founder, Engineering

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