Careers: Engineering Roles

We are looking for front-end and full-stack engineers, machine learning engineers, natural language processing specialists, and data scientists to help define and create a fundamentally better way for teams to work with and understand data.


Bringing the promise of the no-code movement to natural language processing, we’re pioneering a new approach to data that understands both the emotions and the numbers within. Our experienced founding team has years of experience working together building technology that brings to light how emotion drives human behavior, and we’re now solving the problem of delivering an intuitive, trustworthy NLP platform that brings ease of use and actionable insights to anyone in an organization.


What we values:

  • Empathy for our customers and teammates. 

  • Determination to always do the right thing.

  • Creativity to find new approaches to unsolved problems.


How we work:

  • Bias towards action.  We emphasize execution - perfect is the enemy of good, let’s get things out in our customers’ hands quickly, learn from that, and iterate.

  • Ideas without titles.  We want everyone to feel comfortable having a voice, as great ideas can come from anyone, from anywhere.  That’s how we’re going to build the best products we possibly can.

  • Collaborative ownership.  Everyone owns all areas of the engineering lifecycle - design, implementation, delivery, production support.  Engineers are empowered to think about things from a product perspective, to consider the customer experience, to understand the market we are in.  Everyone has a shared responsibility for our success.


Engineering requirements and nice-to-haves:

  • Always be learning!  Ability and desire to find creative and thoughtful solutions to a variety of technical and product challenges

  • Relentlessness in debugging issues and solving problems

  • Familiarity with all or part of our growing technology soup - Python, TypeScript, React, Flask, ML frameworks, (big) data platforms, BigQuery, MySQL, Docker, Google Cloud, etc.

  • Experience delivering SaaS solutions for the enterprise

  • A strong engineering foundation - degree in computer science or related field, or relevant real-world experience


Culture is critical.  We embrace having people from a wide range of backgrounds.  Our experiences make us who we are, and having a diverse set to draw from will shape who we become. If you’re looking for an opportunity to have outsized influence as a key engineer on a small team and to truly have meaningful customer impact, please email us at

Motive is currently in private beta.
Let us know if you'd like to be part of it.


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