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Motive believes in the power of language, and the emotion within it, as the single most powerful tool to convey what we truly think, feel, and mean.

This is why we are committed to providing academic, non-profit, and governmental researchers unparalleled access to our natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence capabilities applied to bring-your-own-datasets, at no charge.

Now you can meaningfully
 understanding sentiment, emotion, themes and qualitative trends in your unstructured data without hand-coding or complicated open-source tools.

April 2020
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in collaboration with the US Federal Reserve

With a fleet of unique capabilities and pioneering approaches to accurately and meaningfully understanding sentiment, emotion, themes and qualitative trends in unstructured data, we are excited to partner with exciting innovators looking to incorporate the human dimension to their data. Motive believes that without this insight, you are missing the core insights into behavior, intent, and motivation. 

Our founders have both contributed to, and benefited from, fundamental research in natural language processing, the psychology of emotions, and the philosophy of language. With that in mind, we value the contributions of researchers, and see the potential for you to help us improve our capabilities, while working together to tackle new challenges through discoveries that will increase learning and empathy worldwide.

Some of the no-code capabilities provided through Motive Research include:

  • Precision emotions

  • Sentiment analysis 

  • Emotional activation 

  • Speech intentions (questions, comments, complaints, etc.)

  • Industry and application specific themes

  • Informativeness

Researchers no longer need to spend precious time and resources hand coding documents for content and attitude, or configuring and training open-source sentiment analysis tools. We look forward to learning about your goals and seeing how we might be able to help with our research-grade NLP.

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